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Inventory Control Management

Mentor Inventory is designed for any type of company looking for a complete inventory management system. It organizes and manages your products, warehouses, assets and raw materials; it also uses movement history to track and control stock. It also manages the invoices, quotations, sales, sales orders, purchase, purchase orders, deliveries…

The production module controls the whole manufacturing process by the use of the formula execution and the cost calculation.

Mentor Inventory instantly calculates your sales total, your expenses, your profit margin, your inventory value and much more. The variety of reports (standard or customizable) it offers can help you make smarter decisions thus, increase your sales.

The optimal solution would be to link it to Mentor Accounting where taxes will be calculated and financial reports generated.


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  • Items / Products / Services
  • Purchase Order/Shipment/Purchase/Return Purchase
  • Opening Inventory
  • Direct sale / Direct invoicing
  • Quotation / Sales order / Delivery / Invoicing
  • Inventory Adjustment (-/+)
  • Goods Transfer
  • Direct cost allocation
  • Formulas
  • Production order
  • Reports
  • Client Database
  • Salesmen Management


  • Multi-User
  • Efficient and User Friendly
  • Use of Arabic Language
  • Multi-currency
  • Export to any Microsoft product
  • Users' Allowance and Restriction
  • Time Saver
  • Barcode Generating and Printing
  • Different barcodes for the same item
  • Reports Customization