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Freight Forwarding Management

Our class A classified software covers the full freight forwarding life cycle. It improves your business workflow, enhances efficiency, increases accuracy and help to leverage business.

Mentor Freight Forwarding is an easy-to-use and multi-modal software that covers all transport modes, (Air, Sea, Land), Groupage, Rates, Customer Relationship Management, Task Management and Document Management.

Mentor Freight Forwarding helps you reduce your costs through the automation. Important business decisions can be based on the evaluation and the various statistical reports.

Our Freight Forwarding software is fully integrated with Mentor Accounting that manages all of your operation finances, raise sales invoices and record supplier invoices. It can also be linked to Mentor Sales Force Automation and Contact Management (plan and organize sales processes), Mentor KPI (Keep Performance Indicator of the staff), Mentor Pickup and Delivery (truck, routing, scheduling, tracking, (+ mobile App)), Mentor Job Order / Mission Management (+ mobile App) and Mentor Truck Management. A website integration for (track and trace shipments, Quotation request, Booking, Accounts statement…) is possible and recommended.


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  • Air Freight, Sea Freight, Land Freight
  • Clearing
  • Booking
  • Job
  • Address book
  • Groupage / Consolidation
  • Default invoice elements (cost element distribution)
  • Invoicing (proforma invoice, invoice)
  • Cost purchase (purchase order, purchase)
  • Cost v/s Sale control
  • Automatic e-mailing (arrival notice…)
  • Track and Trace of Jobs
  • Dashboard
  • Profitability
  • Statistical reports
  • Price lists agreement (agent / client)
  • Fully integrated with the Accounting system
  • Fully integrated with the Sales Force Automation and Contact Management system
  • Fully integrated with the KPI system
  • Fully integrated with the Pickup & Delivery system (+Mobile App)
  • Fully integrated with the Job Order / Mission Management (+Mobile App)
  • Fully integrated with the Truck Management system


Job Cargo Detail
Job Operation
Job Prices


  • Automation
  • Interactivity
  • Smart action and processes
  • Rich and Friendly
  • Embedment of the Business Rules
  • Planning, Scheduling, Tracking and Tracing
  • When, Who and What TO DO
  • Cost Reduction
  • Better Performance & more Efficiency
  • No Redundancy
  • Complexity to Simplity
  • No need to Third Party Software
  • End-User definable Processes and Setups
  • Up-to-date Technically
  • Evaluation Guide-Lines